My Mission

My mission is helping people be who they need to be to create what they want in life!



I coach people on how to play BIG in life, win on their own terms… and GROW their business! Especially in the games of small to mid- size business.  I also help high performance people looking for their next big challenge!


You might think that it’s really challenging right now to launch a business. But I believe there’s a BIG wave of opportunity happening so the timing is perfect and here’s why:

  • People are ready to challenge the status quo and step into a more fulfilling way of life. People are more willing than ever to invest in their own lives.
  • People are tired of the rat-race - working hard just to accumulate more things or simply get by - they are yearning for purpose, meaning, creativity and connection.
  • People want ways to create success and leverage opportunities.


You might be thinking: most people are already overwhelmed and you want them to play bigger? I really do.

Most people are overwhelmed, or frustrated, because they feel trapped in an unwinnable game that is not true to their hearts desire, AND because they are not playing to their strengths. With powerful coaching most people can be Playing BIG and LOVING life in pretty short order.

As a coach, my primary objective is to empower my clients with clarity and lead them to playing to their strengths so they can get back in the game of life and PLAY.

Ready to get started? Reach me in the following ways:



phone: 817-271-4751 


Thank you.

Phyllis (Coach Phyl)

Photo by Laurie Rodgers

Photo by Laurie Rodgers