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We help business owners to get out of overwhelm, become more productive, develop personal leadership, build teams, improve operations, deal with change and achieve other performance related goals for business growth.


Our history

  CoachPhyl Leadership was launched in May 2017. We have coached leaders, businesses and teams for over 9 years.  We started CoachPhyl Leadership to help business owners and leaders to uncover hidden challenges that might be hindering their business growth.  


Our mission

  Our mission is to help businesses navigate through personal and organizational transformation.  Therefore business owners and leaders who want a more productive business can have it. We help leaders and teams grow their personal leadership and to give their highest and best contribution. Win at business on their own terms!  

"Everybody Needs a Coach"

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Client Testimonials


Embarking on a big challenge!

 "I've known Phyllis Washington since 2003. I've always respected Phyllis as she's has very enriching life experiences and brings a different perspective than what I have. Thus, when she offered me one on one coaching, I jumped at the opportunity. In my coaching sessions with Phyllis, she demonstrated a very wise and impactful perspective.

 The results I got from coaching together enabled me to step back from a difficult business situation, evaluate opportunities and more effectively navigate through both complex people and organizational issues!

 Phyllis has been coaching for years and has developed herself into a first class personal and business coach. I would highly recommend Coach Phyllis to business leaders wisely considering one on one coaching or embarking on a big challenge!"

Paul Cockram
Director, US Field HEOR, Fort Worth, Texas  

Handling difficult and challenging situations!

  One of the changes that I’ve experienced going through coaching is becoming much more confident and being able to handle difficult and challenging situations instead of avoiding them and settling. She provided me with tools in order to make better informed choices in all areas of my life. What I liked the best about coaching with Phyllis is that I never had to reveal areas that I considered weaknesses for me; we built on my strengths. In our conversations, she would unknowingly push me to recognize that I needed to focus on these areas in order to grow. 


 There were those difficult days where I got some significant awareness about myself which helped me to face my fears that kept me from making the progress I wanted.  Within the first couple of months I was exceeding many goals of mine faster than ever before. A few of the most valuable things I gained through coaching with Phyllis is shifting challenging business relationships to thriving and supportive!


 I’m more equipped today to win on my terms, utilizing the tools that I’ve learned. Additionally, becoming more of the leader I want to be in my profession and life right where I’m standing, making a difference for others and myself daily.  That lights up my world! 

Ella Carlis
Professional Meetings and Event Leader, Fort Worth, Texas  


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